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We now accept credit cards right at check out! & more ...

Hey everybody, just a head's up that we now accept credit cards right from checkout via Shopify's secure payment portal. PayPal remains an option if you'd like to use it, but now checking out will take fewer clicks and payment will be much easier!

In other news ....

As fall becomes more and more of a reality, it's getting to be hoodie season. The reason that hoodies aren't on the store yet is because our web-apparel provider doesn't support sleeve printing just yet, so we're still working with our local shop on pricing and design, and setting up a warehouse to store our custom designs. 

This also means that hoodie designs will continue to be limited edition items. So stay tuned for reveal coming soon!

We'll be sending a poll out to subscribers to get a feel for the range of sizes we'll need to stock in the next few days, so if you haven't yet, sign up below for our free newsletter. 

Back to training!